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The importance of your back:

As our Back houses our Spine it becomes exceedingly important that we take great care of this part of the body. Our spinal cord is our second brain, and all motor (movement) instructions to the rest of the body; as well as sensory information from the body to the brain is transmitted via the spinal cord. Hence any injury to the spinal cord causes us great, often irreparable damage!

Apart from this, the back muscles provide the structural support that enables us to keep ourselves in a standing position, and a variety of other postures. It is very important that the back is strong and at the same time flexible as the human body goes through an entire range of motion in its daily routine.

Practicing Yoga will greatly help you to take care of your back. Not only will the back muscles; erector spinae, latisimus dorsae, trapezius muscles and the other smaller, deeper muscles of the back become stronger; Yoga will also enhance their stretching ability which will greatly protect your back from getting injured. What you must remember is that the back naturally has 5 movements and you must always try stretching the back in these 5 directions (just as a cat keeps stretching itself to maintain posture and muscle tone). Stretch your spine and body upwards, sideways, forwards, backwards and twist your spine. These movements will help maintain the health of the back. It is important that your back develops the right amount of strength and flexibility; and practicing these Yogasanas will do just that for you! Remember to consult your doctor or yoga teacher before starting these asanas, if you suffer from backache.

MARCHARIASANA (Cat Stretch posture)


Marcahriasana, Cat stretch, total yoga

The two back movements in Marchariasana


This is a great posture to do early in the morning.

First, come on to all-fours (palms and knees).

Now as you Inhale, stretch and arch your back upwards.

As you Exhale, stretch the upper back upwards and look inwards towards your stomach.

Repeat this movement for about 5-10 rounds.

Enjoy your Yoga!!

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Total Yoga

Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.



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