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Mindful Parenting – Switch off your baby sitter?!

Mindful parenting We have had a brilliant weekend with extremely well behaved children. Last Night, when my kids were asleep, I had to go back and check to see if they hadn't been swapped by my husband. While I was out super market shopping. They have bonded well, done all their jobs, helped clean and clear the playroom (pinch me, am I'm dreaming) and just been wonderful. This is what having kids is about. Oh yes!... and did I mention they were only 6 and 4 years old???? I can only attribute this to us, switching off our baby sitter (the television) for the weekend and getting them to spend more time with each other and us. They have played board games, played outdoors, done some gardening, gone for playdates, helped with cooking and cleaning. This has meant that we have spent more time with them, being mindful of their needs. Thereby giving them the love and attention they deserve. My Childhood vs the kids When I grew up, we didnt even have a television, in fact I hardly had toys. I still remember my precious one eyed hand me down doll with bald patches on her hair. No wonder I used to think I was rather pretty coz I had both my eyes and a LOT of hair! :) We used to play outside with our friends for hours on end. And my parents would have to force me to come in to have dinner. Kids these days have way too many distractions and devices to try out. I admit, it is very easy to put my kids in front of a telly if I want to get something done. They turn into glazy eyed, [...]

The power of “YOU”

I was going to title this write up "What sets you apart?" Instead I used the punchy yet cliched "The power of YOU". As that is what it is, the power that lies within you!! It is unique and sets you apart from everyone else. Without stating the obvious, each one of us is a unique genetic being, there is nobody else on the planet like you. Isn't that amazing? Realising one's potential will come first from loving oneself. If you don't think you are good enough, then that may show through in what you do. I don't know about you but for me, there is a constant chatter, critique, cacophony of comments going through my head. I am very critical of myself. Whether this is lack of confidence, or the path to realise the best potential, all depends on how I am feeling in that moment. Yoga Practice Having a daily yoga and meditation practice for me always pushes me towards the latter. Feeling confident and realising my full potential. I am not saying that I am going to overthrow the orange tinged ruler or calm the nuclear testing (read threatening) supremacist, but I do feel like the ruler of my own world. When you look inward and tap into the power of you, you can make a difference to the world around you. It is good to have some level of critique in your head, push yourself to achieve that little bit better, go that level higher, but also make sure you look at your achievements and give yourself a pat on the back. So, if you are going for that interview, about to talk to your boss about something, about to give [...]

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Have you taken your yoga props to work today?

Many people use props in yoga, BKS Iyengar first introduced props to the modern yoga practice to allow people of ages and abilities to benefit from yoga. Props are supportive and helpful when facing obstacles or limitations on the mat. So what are the Yoga props that you can take to your workplace to help you with your obstacles there? When I say Yoga prop, I don't mean a physical thing! Try using these props at work everyday, not just at work but in day to day living too. 1. Breath. Yoga is synonymous with Breath or prana. It is like the block that you would use to support an asana and go that extra distance. Actually, breath does take you that extra distance during practice so you don't really need the block. Using very conscious breathing during your day makes a big difference to the quality of the day you are having. Every breath is fresh oxygen to your blood, calmness to your mind, lower stress levels to your nerves. 2. Mindfulness. Using your breath will automatically bring about Mindfulness. Being mindful means being aware or focussed on the present moment. Practicing mindfulness at work, will bring about empathy, efficiency, new ideas and positive energy. 3. Posture. Yoga is all about posture. Asana practice on the mat gradually starts correcting posture through regular practice. Posture at work place is an absolutely essential for general well being but also to portray the right message across. Confidence exudes from the person who is standing tall and straight rather than sitting or standing hunched up. 4. Smile. Your most influential prop is your smile. It will brighten your face, light up your eyes and channel your positive [...]

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Children are the greatest (yoga) teachers.

One of the effects of doing #yogaeveryday has been that I look at each situation in a new light. So one day when I was trying to explain to my toddler the concept of time (today, tomorrow etc), it dawned on me that he clearly, is interested, only in the here and now! "Living in the moment"  or the art of now, is something that the experienced Yogis do and we all aspire to. So what makes children such natural yogis?  It is a known fact that Children are our greatest teachers. 1. Children love whole heartedly. LOVE has to come on top of my list, as the world needs a whole lot of it today! Children have an abundance of #LOVE, they love you, unconditionally, with big smiles and open arms. They also love life. They stop and smell the flowers (literally) and admire everything about life. Try going for a walk with a toddler, be it on a beach or in the park. There is a stop at every second, turning each shell or picking up stones or looking intricately at each bee play with a flower! As adults we have stopped doing that. I can hear you thinking, "yeah thats coz we have chores to do, jobs to go to, social media to update!!", yes but, those things are always going to be there!  Its also nice to STOP, #BREATHE and soak in the beauty of what is around us, appreciate life before it passes us by! 2. Children are honest and transparent. During a swim lesson, my son who was crying for most of it, and looking at the swim instructor like he was an ORC from the lord of the [...]

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A look into Yoga Televangelists

International World Yoga day has become a buzz since last year, thanks to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiative to make it an official celebration not just in India but throughout the world. With such a political figure playing such a significant part in the importance of Yoga, lets look at who else in India has had an influence in making this 5000 year old tradition more popular in the more recent times. Another Prime Minister who had a connection with Yoga comes to mind. Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had a Yoga guru named Dhirendra Bhramachary. His influence in politics grew in the late 1970s when Indira Gandhi was in power. He featured on the National TV channel called Doordarshan and would do a weekly broadcast on the benefits of Yoga. This was considered to be quite an innovation in that time. He introduced Yoga to Delhi schools and later introduced them to Kendriya Vidyalayas, which are Central government schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education. He also wrote books on Yoga, one of which was also a documentary filmed in its time "Sukshma Vyayama shown by Dhirendra Brahmachari". This covered Yoga that the general masses could do to aide them in their day to day living. Dhirendra Bhramachari Researching Dhirendra Bhramachary brings up a lot of controversial reading material, links to Politics, another other issues that I personally am not interested in. What I am impressed by is that even in the 70's this yogi has used TV and film as a medium to promote Yoga and bring it to the masses. He made Yoga popular in his time in the way he could. If you are interested in watching [...]

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Yoga@Workplace – Your morning routine!

Good day Workaholics! Here is a reference sheet for you to use to energise your mornings. Do this routine which will take you not more than 15mins and will make a difference to your day! You can click on the image and download it or print it so that you have it as a reference at home! Let me know how you go! Energise your mornings!

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