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Yogi, Yoga Teacher, Speaker & Writer on Yoga, Wellness & Meditation, Co-Founder+Director of Total Yoga

5 Self-Transformation lessons that Easter teaches Us all

I was born a Christian and for years I've reflected on the significance of Jesus' message in my Life and on the Culture of our World. For starters, we call this year we're living in 2016, mainly because it's 2016 years since Jesus' birth! For one MAN to mark Time for the entire Human Race is perhaps the greatest tribute that could be paid to anyone! Amongst the greatest luminaries and Men of Ideas of the Western Civilization; from Socrates to Newton, da Vinci to Darwin, this simple Man's Idea of LOVE has stood the test of time....of 2 Millennia! So today, I reflect on what Easter means in terms of daily living. > (In recent years, rightly so, it has been changed from B.C. (before Christ) to BCE (before Common Era) and A.D. (Anno Domini) to CE (Common Era). That's how it should be, promoting a more inclusive World Culture and so we find ourselves in 2016 CE.) 1) The Ultimate TRANSFORMATION. Easter represents the Ultimate Transformation; a transformation from Death to Life. Overcoming Death is a Metaphor for overcoming the negative, repetitive habits we possess and transforming ourselves into the Person we aspire to be. It would be naive to say from Good to Bad; but transforming from undesirable habit patterns deeply ingrained in our Psyche to our true, liberated, joyful Selves. This is at an everyday level. Easter is all about such Transformation, about being Re-Born. In Indian philosophy we use the prefix Dwij...twice-born, to represent a Master. Proficiency in any subject merely makes you an Expert; the word Master (or Buddha) is reserved for those rare Individuals who have through self-study, 'Master'ed the workings of their own Self and thereby Transformed! 2) Transformation is HUMANLY possible! The beauty of the entire story is [...]

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5 Life Lessons my Doggie taught me …

Most of us have had a Pet at some point in our Life, and if we haven't then we should definitely experience it. It's a remarkable experience and our lives will certainly be more richer through it. Exactly 2 full moons ago, my Partner and I chanced upon a post on Facebook asking if someone would adopt a rescued Labrador. We had been looking for a Dog and immediately volunteered. By that night, not only had She attended a full moon Meditation session with us, she also had a name...LOVE! :) Over the next 50 days, she became the centre of our attention and an integral part of our Yoga classes, as she would attend every class that Neetu taught at our Total Yoga Centre. During these 2 months, here are 5 things that I learnt ... 1) Life has Multiple Perspectives. Walking LOVE everyday, I would be surprised at what caught her attention. While we Humans are more reliant on Seeing things, Love would Smell her way, curiously discovering the neighbourhood. I quickly gathered that LIFE CAN'T BE HUMAN-CENTRIC ONLY and that even amongst us Humans, every Environment and Experience pivoted differently depending on our own interests. MY PERSPECTIVE can never be the sole one, in fact everyone sees life differently. That has helped me be more patient and inclusive in my relationships with everyone. 2) Unconditional Love! Real Love. Unconditionally. It was incredible to be welcomed with the same loving affection every single day irrespective of whether I came late, didn't walk her in the morning or didn't play with her. I experienced what is meant by 'non-judgemental', and that sort of love is what truly liberates a person in any relationship. To look into her compassionate eyes was worth much [...]

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Yomaste Ladakh! Yoga Adventure

Friends, it’s time you joined us on a Total Yoga Retreat ...... and this May, we're going to LADAKH! Ladakh is one of the most stunning destinations to visit worldwide. And if you live in India, then it's an absolute must-visit! As a Himalayan outpost, it is both scenic and geographically unique as well as culturally distinct. While the landscape and natural beauty is stunning, the Tibetan Buddhist culture is rich and intriguing. Doing a Yoga retreat in Ladakh is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, that too with 100 other yogis! And we've timed it so that we're in this mystical land for Buddha Purnima on May 21st! We’re hosting a 9-Day Retreat in Ladakh (May 14-22) that will immerse You into Yoga & Pranayam, Meditation (including the Full Moon of Buddha Purnima), Yoga Philosophy & Living, Internal-Cleansing Kriyas (Neti, Kunjal, Shankhaprakshalan, Trathak), Relaxation & Reflection and also Trekking, visiting Buddhist Monasteries, sight-seeing, Adventure & Celebrating(!!) We've also included a shorter (5-day) program too, in case you're only comfortable getting away for a shorter break. That would be May 18-22. Pangong-Tso-lake is one of Ladakh's natural wonders that we'll be visiting!   Why should You embark on a Total Yoga Retreat? (This video was shot at the our Retreat "Days of Zen" in Devbagh in Novemeber, 2014) So you’ve been learning Yoga for a while now, and you would like to take your practice to the next level – where you learn to Cleanse your body internally, and immerse yourself deeply into Asana, Pranayam & Meditation. These are practices that once learned will help you throughout life. Our Retreats are never restricted to just Yoga & Meditation. They embody the principle of Celebrating Life to the fullest  – and so we ensure that there are Dance sessions [...]

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KARMA YOGATHON to sponsor a Child through school!

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the World!" -Nelson Mandela. As simple as that. Mandela's iconic message is as true today as it's ever been throughout history. While many peoples of the world have access to education (if you're reading this, you're grateful that you had that opportunity), many impoverished people have little or no formal education. This is a gargantuan task - to educate the many billions who aren't so lucky.   Vidya Foundation VIDYA FOUNDATION: There are many amazing Organisations out there that work tirelessly to create betterfutures for children. I'd like to introduce you a truly amazing one - Vidya Foundation - who've justcompleted 30 years in this space. Vidya has 47 projects, from schools to women's empowerment and learning centres, spread out over Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai & Bangalore. In 2015 the Vidya School (CBSE) in Gurgaon was awarded the prestigious British Council Award, and it's amazing to know that MENSA India found that more than 20% of the children studying there have an IQ over 120. This is remarkable because most of the students are 1st generation learners! Vidya runs on charitable donations from corporates and individuals. HOW YOU YOGIS HELPED VIDYA in 2015? We had a simple idea - inspire all our Yoga students to do 108 Surya Namaskaars and donate Rs 1 per Surya done! Thanks to all of YOU, we raised Rs 40,000, which is what it costs to sponsor 1 Child through 1 Year of Schooling at Vidya, Gurgaon. At Total Yoga we do many Yoga-inspired Events, but this was perhaps the most satisfying experience of the year!   And in 2016, LET'S CHALLENGE OURSELVES TO SPONSOR 10 CHILDREN!  KARMA YOGATHON 2016 We're [...]

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Resolution: I teach 1,000 Yoga classes every year!

Every year when the time comes to make a New Year it has now, I decide that I'll teach 1,000 Yoga classes in the year. This is something that I've done for a dozen years now since I started teaching in 2003. Around 2008, Malcolm Gladwell's 'The Outliers' was published where he introduced the fascinating idea that, 'to Master anything, you'll need to practice it for 10,000 hours at least'. That got me interested and I decided that I'll consider myself a Good Yoga Teacher ONLY once I've taught 10,000 classes! Since I don't teach on the weekends, that meant teaching a minimum of 4 classes daily, every week for 10 long years! I'm humbled to say that I ticked off that milestone a couple of years ago. And my partner at Total Yoga, Neetu Singh did likewise. It has been a fascinating journey that has seen us teach yoga in Delhi and Dubai, and set up Total Yoga from Pune to Singapore to Bangalore. Apart from this, Yoga teaching has taken us to many other parts of the world. We seem to be living in a Golden Age of Yoga Teaching where there is so much creativity to go with the fundamentals of yoga and there are so many fantastic Yoga teachers all over the world. They're adding to the richness of the Asana practice and introducing creative Meditations too. Yoga has well and truly made itself accessible over the last century - from the Himalayan caves to neighbourhood studios. Total Yoga Teachers practising in the Himalayas! Over the years my style of Teaching has evolved into something really simple yet challenging and deeply focussed. Teaching a Yoga class has always been a Meditation to me, and also [...]

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World Yoga Day, Retreats and Social work: 2015 in review

It's been a great year for all of us Teachers, Students and well-wishers of Total Yoga. 2015 brought us fantastic experiences and memories, taught us a lot about Yoga, we made new Friends and perhaps in the truest sense we discovered a little more about ourselves! So, here's round-up of all the yogic adventures we set out on this year! In January this year; Neetu, me and the entire TY team realised a long-standing dream to have a world-class Yoga studio that would also cater to the Arts. The Total Yoga ONEness Centre came into being with Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Music, a Painting exhibition and lots of love and energy!   Launch of the Total Yoga Oneness Centre in Indiranagar, Bangalore In February we embarked on a fantastic Yogi Trek. This is designed as an experience to take Yoga outside the yoga studios and to the hills, environs where yogis have always practised and meditated. Yogi Trek is a fitness cum meditative experience that gets the gang to bond too! In March, we trained the runners of Bangalore Marathon and the cyclists of Vodafone Cycling Marathon. In between we also taught at Morning Gloryville and at the Earth Hour event in Bangalore! March Yoga-Mania! Teaching Yoga to runners, cyclists, morning ravers and eco-warriors! April was special because we took 40 of our students to the Total Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, which for most people is the World Capital of Yoga. We stayed in tents on the beach, rafted and trekked! Rishikesh: the epicentre of Yoga and home to countless enlightened beings through the ages! In May, we participated in the TCS World 10k Run as supporters of Vidya [...]

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