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Kapha derives from the elements of Earth and Water and translates as “that which sticks.” It is the energy of building and lubrication that provides the body with physical form, structure, and the smooth functioning of all its parts. The qualities of Kapha are moist, cold, heavy, dull, soft, sticky, and static. A Kapha individual will display physical and mental characteristics that reflect these qualities in both a balanced and imbalanced state.

Main locations of Kapha in the body:

Chest, throat, lungs, head, lymph, fatty tissue, connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons.

Physiological fuction of Kapha:

Moistens food, gives bulk to our tissues, lubricates joints, stores energy, and relates to cool bodily fluids such as water, mucous, and lymph.

Psychological fuctions of Kapha:

Governs love, patience, forgiveness, greed, attachment, and mental inertia.

This dense, cold, and swampy environment becomes the breeding ground for a number of bodily disorders such as obesity, sinus congestion, and anything related to mucous. Mentally, the loving and calm disposition of the Kapha individual may transform into lethargy, attachment, and depression.


According to ayurveda, this type should choose food that is light, warm, and spicy. Tea with dried ginger and lemon is most beneficial. Avoid sour fruits, heavy oily food and processed sugars, which are detrimental to Kaphas. Use lots of spices such as black pepper, ginger, cumin, chili and lots of bitter dark greens.

Yoga poses:

Surya namaskar, Veerbhadrasana 2, Ardha chandra asana, Trikon asana , Vrikshasana , dhanurasana & sirshasana. All these asanas aid sluggish digestion, opens the lungs and chest area for breath to move easily.

The other two doshas to be discussed in next blog in detail.

Prarthana Makhija

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Total Yoga

Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.


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