Total Yoga Teachers are Inspired, Dynamic and Well-versed with all aspects of Yoga to guide you through your Yogic journey; often drawing from their own previous experience working in the Corporate world.

Manish Pole
Manish PoleFounder Teacher
Manish has been teaching yoga for a decade in Delhi, Dubai, Pune, Singapore and now Bangalore. Total Yoga was set up with the vision of introducing Yoga to the people of this generation, 20-40 year olds. And not just Yoga practice; but engaging students in a yoga-inspired-lifestyle that promotes health, creativity & service in the Individual and his/her Community.

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Neetu Singh
Neetu SinghFounder Teacher
Neetu has been teaching yoga for over a decade in Delhi, Dubai, Mumbai, Pune, Singapore and now Bangalore. Neetu is known for her creative, dynamic and energetic classes; and her awesome interpretations of Vinyasa, Hatha and Power yoga.

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The Total Yoga Team

Catherine Juliano
Catherine JulianoTeacher
I was introduced to Total Yoga in 2011 and immediately fell in love with Total Yoga’s style. I continue to teach classes in Philadelphia while working in the field of Behavioural Health, always incorporating my work with Yoga into helping Children with special needs.
Chinmayee Pai
Chinmayee PaiTeacher
Chinmayee has been into creative Yoga teaching since 3 years. After trying her hand in Iyengar Yoga and Authentic Yoga, she found her love in Total Yoga.
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Sima Rahdoost
Sima RahdoostTeacher
Being fond of Yoga, Sima learned and mastered the ubiquitous Yoga lifestyle at Total Yoga.
She feels solace in teaching Yoga because she wants people to acquire balance, flexibility and alertness that she has achieved through Yoga. She believes Yoga is eternal life, exact science aimed at the harmonious development of body, mind, and soul.
She now teaching in Pune with Total Yoga.
Purnima Trasi
Purnima TrasiTeacher
After 20 years in the IT Industry, Purnima has found her most rewarding career path in teaching Yoga. After practising different flavours of yoga in UK and Manila, she found an instant connection with the essence of Total Yoga. Being a mother of two little yogis (aged 4.5 and 2.5), she uses Yoga to look at life like a child and learn from every day experiences.
Slavica Gokul
Slavica GokulTeacher
Slavica Gokul has been an aspiring Yogi for more than 20 years. She dedicated herself to consistent practice 6 years ago and whilst residing in India, she underwent Yoga Teacher Training at Total Yoga, Bangalore. She continues to teach and has now shifted to California where she hopes to introduce what she learnt from her experience of Living In India.
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Jagdeep Dosanjh Badwal
Jagdeep Dosanjh Badwal
She is passionate about healthy living, through diet and exercise and enjoys a challenge. Back in England she was taking part in triathlons and cycling the breaths of the English Countryside.
She worked for a charity for the best part of the last decade in the UK. She undertook her teacher training programme last year and has been teaching for a year in Bangalore.
Her classes are lively and she keeps the intensity at a high level as in her words she wouldn’t want anyone to leave class without having had the full Total Yoga experience!
She has recently been heard to say Live, Love, Laugh the Total Yoga way.
Deepika Purani Teacher
Deepika is wellness oriented and loves to do Yoga, especially TOTAL YOGA Style! Being at home or work is not easy – but Total Yoga helps her be grounded, gives clarity and helps her balances things out very well. She likes to be fit, energetic and peaceful. She is now a part of Bangalore Total Yoga team.