Welcome to Total Yoga

The TOTAL YOGA style is based on Fitness and Mindfulness. The program comprises 3 classes a week on alternate days – each day we teach a different style:  Vinyasa-flow, classical Hatha yoga and Power yoga! Pranayam and Meditation are a part of every class.

TOTAL YOGA was created by Neetu Singh and Manish Pole; Yogis who have been teaching for over 15 years in India and abroad. Founded in 2010, Total Yoga now has a team of dedicated Yogis teaching in BangalorePuneDubai, California, Derby & Auckland. TY Teacher Training Courses bring out the best in each Teacher!

TOTAL YOGA is not just about yoga classes in a studio. We Inspire students to take Yoga beyond the mat and into the world! From corporate Desktop yoga to Yoga-for-RunnersYogi Treks, Yoga-in-the-Park, Retreats and Karma Yoga CSR initiatives; we’re a socially conscious yet fun-loving community of Yogis!

TOTAL YOGA is perfect for you if you’re looking to get Fit, Tone-up or lose Weight! It’s also great if you’re looking to adopt a Healthier and Stress-free Lifestyle, as the Pranayam and Meditation in our classes will help you to unwind. Join a class near you!