Grab Happiness and experience it!

Don’t hesitate – grab happiness with both hands and hug it as strongly as you can!

I have been feeling nervous and almost sick with something that has been happening in my life recently. Did you think it was something bad? No actually it was something good, very good and I felt like it was too good to be true for me! Nervous butterflies in the stomach, is this really happening to me? I could not even sleep at night because of the nerves! Its only in hindsight when my fellow Yogi suggested that maybe its just that I was not accepting that I have this happiness waiting for me, that I realised that is what was making me feel funny! That took me by surprise! Is that what it is? are my doubts, fears, nerves, a result of me being worried about being happy!

Believe in yourself
Believe in yourself

Today, on Women’s day, I share that thought with you! Are you not exploring the full potential of being happy?

Women all over the world, are these strong pillars in the family, who are always full of love, empathy, sacrifice. Within the family, we mothers, usually are the ones (there are Dads too) who everyone goes to for any and every need. We always (well in most cases) makes adjustments in our lives to put the needs of everyone else first. We are the ones rushing around making sure you get to your appointment/school/work on time. Making sure there is food on the table every day, make your house look like a home, and much more. This is a good thing. We can do this because we are strong and courageous. We are balanced and can multi task, we have more flexible egos, we have larger hearts which are full of love and warmth. We find joy in giving, nurturing, feeding, sharing, loving.

Find the light within
Find the light within

But do we do all of that for ourselves? Do we nurture our hearts and bodies? Do we give ourselves a break? do we feed our dreams? do we love ourselves? Do we live life to the fullest and enjoy each moment for what it is, accept happiness with both hands and giving a tight hug?

If we have not been doing that then this is the moment to start! On Women’s day, (which you may find as a cliché, a gimmick, that Hallmark and all the flower vendors of the world have put together), use the opportunity to look within yourself, look at the life you are leading, look at what makes you the most happiest. Seize every opportunity that you get to be happy. Accept the happiness that life has to offer and enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t let any negativity come in your way of experiencing this beautiful life that you have made for yourself!

Celebrate the FABULOUS woman that you are, do something special for yourself today!

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