6 Yoga Myths Busted!!

Yoga Myths

When people start thinking about yoga there are lots of thoughts/preconceived notions running in the mind. I’m sure it does for everybody, before they start. Some folks have asked me if Yoga is only for flexible people? yoga can de-stress you, but lose weight…???

Busting the common yoga myths

Yoga is sneakily religious

Yoga did originate from India and we have a rich background for close to 5000 years. But this does not means, it is a part of Hinduism or Buddhism. Yoga is as secular as it is. It is a life science and majority of studios and teachers default it to a practice that is focused on wellbeing.

Yoga is for flexible people

When I saw Neetu (yoga teacher) in the 1st class, I wondered, how on earth would I even do all the suryanamaskars………leave alone asanas. It seemed like an unsurmountable task for me. But now we all know and understand that Yoga helps one get more flexible. But, more importantly yoga helps, one find more flexibility in the mind. This makes us more loving, tolerant and flexible towards life situations.

Yoga and weight-loss?

The goal of yoga is not weight loss. But you’d anyway lose weight due to the asana and surya namaskars. The first Patanjali sutra explains this beautifully – “Yogaś chitta-vṛtti-nirodhaḥ” Yoga is the union, balance, harmonious state of mind; bridging the different aspects of life.

Yogis are vegetarians

No! Some yogis try to practice ahimsa of the yamas from eight-limbed path of Patanjali Yoga. But not all practitioners are vegetarians.

 Yoga is for relaxation only

Normally people ask me how I lost weight/maintain my weight. When I tell them it is Yoga . They are surprised as their idea of yoga is probably just savasana……ha ha! Kidding, but mostly people think yoga is used to relax and de-stress. It cannot be used as an exercise/weight loss. My personal take on it is Yoga is a complete body and mental work out and that’s why TOTAL YOGA !

So next time you meet someone who wants to do Yoga and is wondering about these myths. You know what to say. Also, If you have heard of any other myths/queries do drop us a note at director@totalyoga.gmail.com and we will address them.

Deepika Purani.

Alternative Text

Total Yoga

Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.


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