The 21-Day ‘Core-Fit’ Challenge!

Everyone loves to have a flat stomach, strong core and sexy abs right? What better exercise regime to accomplish that then Yoga?! Transform your Body with the Total Yoga 21-Day ‘Core-Fit’ Challenge!

a-32WHY YOGA? For thousands of years, ‘Asana’ training in Yoga has involved strengthening the body so that the Yogi could sit for long hours in Meditation. This means that Yogis need to have extremely strong core and back muscles to sit upright to Meditate. Try sitting for even 1 minute and you’ll realize how just how weak or strong your core is!

What does a Flat Stomach say about You? Having a Flat stomach is not merely about doing exercises to tone your Core. It means that as an organism you are functioning at an optimum level! Your exercise, food and even your sleep needs to be perfectly regulated and only then does it show as a flat stomach in your body!

Changing your Lifestyle in 21 Days?! Research into the functioning of our Brain is increasingly showing us that it is impossible to drop a bad habit! Rather we need to supersede that habit with another positive habit so that a new neuronal connection is created in the brain! Hence we can actually ‘overcome’ a bad Lifestyle by inculcating new Lifestyle habits and patterns and if we repeat them for 21 days; they get ingrained into the ‘hard-wiring’ of our Brain and hence of our Personality!

The 21-Day ‘Core-Fit’ Challenge! Total Yoga has taken up the challenge of creating a 21-Day routine of Exercises, right Nutrition and constant Motivation that will help you to transform your Body! It’s important that the exercises are expertly chosen and so we’ve gone through varied Yogasanas in order to find the most effective Core-Strengthening exercises! These include Naukasana, Sampattasana, Kati Naukasana, Chaturanga Dandasana and many more. Coupled to this are breathing techniques like Kapalbhati Kriya and other digestive cleansing practices called Agnisaar Kriya and Nauli.

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Exercise can only get you a certain distance; but you need to Eat right so that your Body has the Nutrition it requires to strengthen. Together with right eating is also the timing at which you eat. We’ll help you with diet charts and plans.

Total Yoga, Yoga, Bangalore yoga, yoga in indiaHow do I enroll for the 21-Day Challenge? We are conducting this challenge in all Total Yoga studios in Bangalore (Indiranagar, Whitefield, Koramangala, Jayanagar and UB City) and Pune (Kalyaninagar and S.B. Road). So join up at any of our studios and attend the classes!  Apart from classes, we’ll be giving you Exercises to do at home and a Nutrition chart!

So, get started from AUG 18th, ’14. All you need to do is measure your stomach with an inch tape so that you can monitor progress during and after the course! To join the Total Yoga 21-Day ‘Core-Fit’ Challenge write to us at director@total-yoga.org or call +91 9740980200

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