Exhausted & Amazed! Students recount their 1st Total Yoga class…

As we at Total Yoga complete 5 years this June, we threw out a few questions to our wonderful yogi-students. And there answers have been really insightful for us. In this blog post, we’re looking at our Yoga Students’ answers to: ”

How did you feel after your 1st Total Yoga class? ūüôā


“Light, good body work all muscles are trained and relaxed.” ¬†– Marion


“Energetically calm ‚ėļ very refreshed and charged” ¬†–¬†Pragati Bantwal


“Cannot remember !! but i went back. i dont usually go back if something hasn’t pressed the right buttons. i may not remember my initial classes but my later classes with TOTAL YOGA made me feel very challenged with myself, to an extent after evey class i would feel like rising from the ashes.. like acheived something !!” ¬†– Hitesh Joseph

“I felt I am at a safe place learning yoga. Along with that I was accepted the way I am – not judged for my inabilities.” –¬†Archanaa


“I want to thank Shanthala for introducing me to total yoga and I joined it last woman’s day. I tried my first trial class and loved the energy, crowd and most of all Neetu!!! What an inspiration to go back and join the classes.” ¬†– Punya Shekar


“I felt I had finally found my fitness regime in India after Pilates in the UK. I was looking for a compete workout without having to go to a gym…and I got that.” ¬†– Meghna

“Inspiring” ¬†– Dayana


“I was perspiring so much and I realized Total Yoga is a combination of physical exercise & breathing techniques.” ¬†– ¬†Nayan


“Great sense of well being……but yeah lots of pain afterwards…..apparently my first yoga class was Power Yoga!!” ¬†– ¬†Deepika Purani


“Absolutely happy,relaxed, impressed and decided to spent the rest of my life doing yoga!!!” ¬†– ¬†Zdena Chromcova


“I felt great, instructors were helpful, cheerful, friendly, and well educated.” ¬†–¬†Su


“I went with lot of apprehension to the first class as i thought the session would make me exhausted and rest of the day I may not be able to work effectively at office. But to my surprise, I felt energized after the first¬†session!” ¬†–¬†Ravi Prakash Reddy


“Yeee I can do yoga at least 11 suryanamaskar in a day..” ¬†–¬†Harsha Lalwani


“Exhausted and amazed” ¬†–¬†Arpita Ganesh


“I was super pumped and ready to join. it was incredible that in the first class itself one was given exposure to what regular students would do.” –¬†(unnamed respondent)


“It was a delightful & enriching experience :)” ¬†– Tanya


“The first Total Yoga class I attended was in ‘Yogi Tree’ restaurant. This beautiful soulful place where Manish taught Yoga class. His soft yet firm voice and encouraging instructions will make you push throughout the class without feeling drained. The fresh air, clear sky and birds chirping enriched my whole experience. Needless to say, I felt awesome and refreshed.” ¬†–¬†Chinmayee


“Very relaxed and calm” ¬†–¬†Varshna Khatnani


“Stereotype in my head totally shattered… Mind getting free…” ¬†–¬†Neelu Dogra


“It was out of the world experience. Firstly seeing a sexy and fit teacher was so motivating (btw that compliment is for Neetu :-)), and then the session was just so great.. From that day on, yoga became an integral part of my life..” ¬†–¬†Rachna


“Energetic n vibrant….what with a great guru who knew exactly how to inspire!” ¬†– ¬†Tanu Singh


“Aches and pains in places where I didn’t even know I had muscles ūüôā Challenged” ¬†– Vaijayanthi


“It was amazing, the holding of poses and rapid suryanamaskar was rejuvenating” ¬†– Uma Pinto


“Grateful that I had found a teacher as good a Manish.” ¬†– Rohit Hemdev


“Awesome given a chance would love to rejoin” ¬†– Manasi Joshi


“Dead ūüôā Every muscle hurt, but I was also fully relaxed and in peace. Best night sleep ever :)” ¬†– Tena Pick


“Refreshed” ¬†– Ananth Menon


“So good !!! It was fun and dynamic” ¬†– Tanvi Bali


“Very surprised about how physical work out it could be.” ¬†– Lilibeth Parkonnen


“Curious as it was different from what I expected” ¬†– Ute Laser


“Like someone had put me through a blender. yet i was happy and energised.” ¬†– Subha


“I felt good.” ¬†– Karin Callin


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Preeti Bhatnagar; Total Yogi – Pune

“SORE …every fibre of body was in pain. But what a sweet one!” ¬†– Preeti Bhatnagar

“Yoga is a matter of perspective and until I went to total yoga, I had a practical perspective. After total yoga, my perspective change into a more holistic one. As the body meets the mind. This was never taught to me before.” ¬†– Susan Olij

“Total Yoga lives up to it’s name. It covers all aspects of yoga. And i was on a “Happy high ” after my 1st class.” ¬†– Prarthana Makhija (in the header pic of this blog post)

“Sold on to yoga” ¬†– Pooja

“Felt enlightened and absolutely light as a feather!” ¬†– (unnamed respondent)

“Relaxed, Rejuvenated.” ¬†–¬†(unnamed respondent)

“Energized and Forgiving.” ¬†–¬†(unnamed respondent)


Reading through these responses fills us with a deep sense of gratitude and a further appreciation of the Total Yoga system. It Inspries us to teach you Yoga more deeply and spread Total Yoga to various cities around the world!  РManish Pole & Neetu Singh

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Total Yoga

Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.



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