108 Sun Salutations to support a Child through School!

What does it take for a less-privileged Child to attend School?

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The VIDYA School, Gurgaon

We at Total Yoga have the utmost Respect for the wonderful work that VIDYA Foundation has been doing for 30 years! Their goal of Empowering and Educating less-privileged Children, Youth and Women is truly commendable. From schools in slums to centres of training spanning Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore – Vidya has made an impact on over 220,000 families and counting… This year the VIDYA School in Gurgaon created history by wining the British Council International School Award that puts it among the best schools in India! The School serves the less-privileged community and has a stated aim of providing the best education and infrastructure to the children; thanks to well-wishers, volunteers and donations.

Sweating it out for a Cause! The 108 Surya Namaskaars Challenge…

When we, the Teachers and Students at Total Yoga decided to contribute to VIDYA Foundation, we came out with an innovative idea. Until now, we had supported Vidya in two ways. We teach Yoga at Vidya Bangalore, while also helping in facilitating some Yoga at Vidya in Mumbai and Delhi. Secondly, we produce our Yoga Mat bags here, which has helped the women to be trained in tailoring. But now, we were considering how we could involve the Yogi community to donate to the Vidya School so that a child could be supported through school.

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Yogis after 108 Sun Salutations Yoga Challenge!

So, we hosted the 100 Surya Namaskaars Challenge in all our classes in Bangalore and Pune. We challenged everyone to complete 100 Sun Salutations and donate Re 1 for each round done! The idea caught our Yogis’ imagination and everyone signed up for the challenge! As each class finished their 100 Sun Salutations, we posted a pic on our Whatsapp and Facebook groups – so the whole Yogi community felt motivated to be a part of something amazing! While it was helping our Fitness, it was about Supporting a good cause!

Over the past week we’ve experienced something quite beautiful! Not only did every single Yogi attempt the Challenge (most completed the 100 Sun Salutations), they also donated generously so that by the end of the week we have managed to collect Rs 40,000! This means that we Yogis can proudly support 1 Child with the opportunity to study at the award-winning Vidya School and pursue his/ her dreams!

We look forward to many more such challenges and opportunities to support relevant causes. These are pictures of our wonderful Yogis after completing the 108 Surya Namaskaar Challenge! 

(Manish Pole: Yogi, Yoga Teacher, Speaker & Writer on Yoga, Wellness & Meditation, Co-Founder+Director Total Yoga)

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