I’m Depressed. But is this an illness?

Feeling Blue

There is a dark cloud of thoughts circling in my head. Even though I get out of bed. I want to jump straight back in and go back to sleep. My body aches, my RSI throbs, reminding me its still around. I have had a bad night’s sleep. Each thought coming into my head is more negative than the previous one. I have to dig really deep to push these away. I start asking myself why am I feeling like that? When I have everything that matters to me the most and the world in my arms.
The last few months of 2017 werent exactly great. I heard one bad news after another. A loss of a dear friend to cancer, news of acutely tragic fire in Mumbai killing young people, a friend’s young son committing suicide.

Breathe deeply for clearer thoughts

I start breathing deeply and slowly. And  I start clawing away from the deep hole, slowly the dark clouds start to lift and the fog in my mind, clears. I feel light again.  Luckily for me, I have mechanisms to cope and more importantly. I have my loving family and my yoga practice to fall back on. For me coming out of the dull phase is not too hard. And my thoughts go to those people who are experiencing so many heart wrenching tragedies first hand. I know I am expereincing just a smidgen of what Depression must be really like.

What is Depression?

Depression (Major depressive disorder) can be defined as a common and serious medical illness which negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.
It can cause feelings of sadness, anxiety, loss of apetitie, low self worth loss of interest in activity you once enjoyed. Most people go through occasional sadness, anxiety, fatigue.

So what is different about Depression?

A person is clinically diagnosed as Depressed, when the duration has gone on for more than two weeks. Or feelings start to get in the way of general living and impair the usual simple decision making process and functioning.

The factors that play a part in Depression

They can vary from chemical reactions in our body, hormonal changes, medical conditions, genetics, isolation, environmental factors and grief. Depression is a treatable illness and stats show 80 to 90% of people who get diagnosed and are treated, respond well to the treatment!!
Also, Yoga practice is very helpful to cope up with daily stresses, coming out of major setbacks in life and managing emotions wisely!
Stay tuned for Yoga cures for Depression
Love and Light
Purnima Trasi
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