10 signs that you’re into Yoga

“Yoga is the process of uniting your body, mind and spirit so that you can be whole again.”

You have started doing yoga. A lot of people are practicing different genres of yoga. So how do we spot a yogi. When yoga becomes a lifestyle, a yogi can be spotted anywhere. As they practice mindfulness to their best capacity, you can hear them take deep breaths often and mostly, they are happy to close their eyes and look within!

Check out the list below and see how many of these signs are true for you.

1) You Own More Than One Mat in different colours

yoga mats

2) You start painting the city with different asanas

Yoga asana

3) Your holiday photos consists of Yoga poses


4) Deep breaths become a habit, especially during challenging times



5) You close your eyes to meditate, not day dream or sleep


6) It’s not about six-pack, its about wellness


7) You make time for yoga practice, especially on the busy days


yoga practice

8) Your cupboard has more yoga pants than jeans

yoga wear

9) Your eating habits improve



10) Your social media contains yoga and more yoga

Yoga on social media

We’re a diverse and eclectic breed. We come in all shapes and sizes. Individuality aside, you’ve got to agree, there are some fairly obvious signs that you are a yogi!!

How many did you relate to?

0-4  Ah, well….
5-8  It’s obvious to some people that you’re into yoga!
9-10 The ultimate yogi and people know you for your “great vibes”.

The light in me honors the light in you. 🙂 

Love and Light

Iti Jain


Alternative Text

Total Yoga

Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.


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