Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.

The Total Yoga form comprises 3 different styles of Yoga taught on 3 alternate days: Vinyasa flow, classic Hatha & Power Yoga.

Each class is for 1 hour with 45 mins of Asana training and 15 mins of Pranayam & Meditation. The week ends with Yoga Nidra relaxation technique.

Importantly, every Yogi is encouraged and guided through the process of taking up a ‘Sankalp’ or Resolution and then using the Total Yoga training to reach that goal.

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‘I like simplicity, passion, truthfulness to purpose and I find all these in Total Yoga. All the teachers are dedicated and devote time to each and every person making it a personal experience. The classes exuberate positivity and fulfilment which leaves you refreshing and asking for more. I have known Manish and Neetu since years and I love the way they have structured Total Yoga to make it a Total Experience of Yoga.’

– Upma

Inching towards the 5 year mark with Total Yoga... The experience has been too surreal.... Fact is that it has helped me overcome so many challenges mental as well as physical. Now being on the plus side of 50....joined classes in early 2013 at the age of 47 with no prior experience of Yoga....saddled with issues like spondilitis,Lumbar Disc Prolapse,high Cholesterol,sloppy hunched gait on the physical part... work stress and family pressures had been telling on me too.... Once I began classes there was no looking back...my feeling of achievement would be going thru a class non stop for about 60 to 75 minutes wherein my Gym friends next door would look at me and ask ...we do not sweat that much ever....is Yoga that much intense? Owe a lot to the founder teachers as well as the wonderful bunch of teachers they train thru the year....Today I am so much more confident...wrt to my well being..able to spend hours playing with my 13 year old son...catch up for cricket with my childhood buddies.On the work and family front been able to time manage it all optimally...there is a marked change in my gait...the way I sit...stand...sleep..work etc....The confidence in myself has grown manifold. Yes at Total its a lot more than just the regular classes...the Yogi treks...outings with outdoor Yoga in the parks...interaction with fellow yogis from across the globe...monthly full moon meditation Yoga...social activities etc. My next plan is to join my fellow Yogis on a Retreat called Yomaste which they have been religiously doing twice a year in some of the most beautiful destinations in word. @manish Neetu....I could go on and on...this the briefest I can talk about... Best....God Bless

– Sikander

I shifted my workout regime from the gym to total yoga, thanks to Manish & Neetu. It was a revelation, and transformation of my fitness levels and mindfulness. Since then, I have done everything at higher levels of effectiveness. I found myself energetic, positive, alert and looking forward to my day after a yoga session with TotalYoga. My football skills and stamina improved significantly. My improved balance and flexibility really helped me in expanding my repertoire on the dance floor! I'm left wondering on why I did not take to Yoga much earlier. My quest for a meaningful, all round and 'forever' fitness regime ended when I met Total Yoga.

– Alwyn Pereira

Total Yoga brought me self-development: in every session I discovered something and learned something new about Yoga as a philosophy, as the fun of playing with the body, as the method of calming the mind. For the first time in my years of practice I understood how my mind speaks to me and how my body stores emotions and wisdom. Total Yoga has brought me a sense of community and belonging: once we step out of the mat, our practice continues becoming a bike ride, a pic-nic, a movie night, a creativity workshop. This is what makes it such an integral practice where we learn how to constantly apply the art of mindfulness in our lives. I am forever thankful for the amazing connections I have made with both myself, my teachers Manish and Sam, and the beautiful community of total yogis!

– Alin Saenz

Before joining total yoga, I tried many yoga classes. Some were slow and boring and some just painfully like a gym. With Total Yoga after the class I felt positively energized. Moreover, with the teachers taking personal interest and a sense of community between the students, I felt like waking up and going to class. Over the long run I am healthier in all regards including a fit body, meditative mind and better annual test results (my cholesterol came in range).

– Anil Chouhan


Total Yoga classes are taught in 4 Continents and the Total Yogis' Community is growing everyday!




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Total Yoga Teachers are Inspired, Dynamic and Well-versed with all aspects of Yoga to guide you through your Yogic journey; often drawing from their own previous experience working in the Corporate world.


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DESKTOP YOGA is a workshop done right at your Workstation! It includes Sitting Stretches, Eye exercises and Breathing techniques designed to reduce the effects of sitting for long hours - such as Backaches and Abdominal Obesity.
MINDFUL is a Mindfulness, Yoga and Leadership Training program that is designed specifically for the Mid-level and Senior Management. It combines Onsite workshops culminating in an Offsite Lifestyle Retreat.


Do you want to learn more about Yoga, or Total Yoga classes & personal training? Are you looking to organize a Corporate wellness
workshop anywhere in India? Or join in any of our Yomaste Yoga Retreats, Yogi Runs, and also our Teacher Training Courses?

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